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  1. Categories: You must stay in the category you choose for the duration of the contest.  If you start in advanced, you must stay in Advanced.
  2. Bikes Allowed: Only mountain bikes.  No bmx, trials, or dirt jumpers
  3. Accepted Wheel Sizes: 26 inch, 27.5 inch, 29er, 27.5+
  4. Age Limit: 16+
  5. Engagement: Make sure to follow us on Instagram @tilt_industries to be eligible to win!
  6. Tags: All 3 tags MUST be on the video, whether that is a story or main feed post.
  7. Skill: Skills must be executed perfectly or a letter will be given.  You can practice the skill as many times as you want before posting the video of your choice. 
  8. Eligibility: Participation for all 4 days is required to be eligible for the 29er.
  9. Posts: Posts are in video from from any device that records.
  10. Content: Your post each day should have your own flare but must contain @tilt_industries, #ridingrefined, and #game_of_b_i_k_e



The "Game of B.I.K.E." is the riding community coming together in a virtual way to keep shredding and share each person's individual riding style. The competition will be continually held every other month following the first event. It will always fall on the first full week of that month.


What? - We’ll give out a new skill to tackle each day on your mountain bike Monday-Thursday.  Then the mountain bike community will vote on who is the 29er.  Why 29er?  Read on to find out.


Where? - Bike skills will be announced via email at 6 am MDT.  So make we have your email!


How? - After the skill for the day is announced, you can give the skill a whirl and record it on your smartphone to post to your main feed on instagram with these tags: 


1. @tilt_industries 

2. #ridingrefined 

3. #game_of_b_i_k_e

For each skill you pass, no letters will be given.  Should you scratch on a skill, you’ll receive a letter but you’re still in the game til you receive all four “BIKE” letters.  So keep riding! We’ll keep track on our end who has a letter and we will notify that person each day. 

On Friday (day 5 of contest) TILT will choose their top 5 favorite videos out of the contestants with the fewest letters and we’ll post those 5 videos to our story for you to vote on that same day.  So stay tuned and make sure to vote! On Saturday we’ll announce the 29er. 


Prize: The 29er will receive TILT branded swag.


Why is the winner the “29er”?  Simple, that’s the biggest wheel size and the winner is the biggest champion.  It just made sense. 


1. Intermediate

2. Advanced


In each post description you will put which category you are entering into.  If it is obvious you should be in the more difficult category then your entries won't be counted but we'll still be stoked you're posting!


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